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‘I joined Alliance Medical six years ago as Unit Manager. It’s really satisfying watching the Unit grow while people grow and learn with it.’

Unit Manager

‘I don’t have a medical background, so Alliance Medical it was all entirely new to me. I’ve had outstanding training and people are very supportive.’


‘I joined straight from university because, for a career in MRI, there’s no better company than Alliance Medical. They tick every box for me.’

Mobile Unit

‘I’ve worked here for over ten years and I still get lots of job satisfaction. It is very rewarding seeing patients making progress through their treatment.’


‘There’s a role here to suit everyone. If you want variety, then you’ll enjoy the Mobile Units. If you need more stability, we can offer that too.’

Clinical Assistant

‘We’ve grown quickly, introduced new ideas, embraced new technology and won new contracts. So Alliance Medical really is an exciting place to be.’

Office Manager

‘When you work here, you realise that Alliance Medical really wants you to make the most of your talent and to fulfil your ambition.’

PET Technologist

‘Being part of the Mobile team, you learn from others because it is so close knit. I’ve learnt a lot and had continuous support.’

Mobile Unit

‘I didn’t have any experience a few years ago. It shows how much time they invest in developing your skills. If you want to learn, you can do here.’

Acting Unit Manager

Why Register?

Register with us today and join our talent pool. As soon as a suitable role arises we will contact you. In the meantime, you can apply for any of the roles we are currently recruiting for.

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Career News


Did you know? Alliance Medical also produces radiopharmaceuticals for use in Positron Emission Tomography. We currently have employment opportunities for scientific graduates with the right experience

Latest Vacancies

PET-CT Radiographer/Technologist - Guildford

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Senior Radiographer - Wythenshawe

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Clinical Assistant - PET North Mobiles

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