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Of course, we think Alliance Medical is a great place to work. But don't just take our word for it. Why not take a closer look at what our people have to say?

Name: Lenin
Role: Senior Cardiac MR Radiographer

I joined Alliance Medical four and a half years ago. I was in CT scanning at first, but they said they'd train me on the new cardiac scanner. I was working down south at the time, so I moved up to the North West for the opportunity.

The training is one of the best things about Alliance Medical; all the courses they run are great! I think we've got a wonderful team in Wythenshawe, too. I really enjoy working with them all!

Name: Louise
Role: Acting Unit Manager

'I think I'm probably the perfect example of how Alliance Medical's training can develop you. I was new to the industry when I joined, so I had to learn everything about the Unit, the technology and the way we work. The training helped me so much. I've never felt daunted, never felt out of my depth – in fact, I really enjoy it here and I've really enjoyed learning more about what we do. I'm now Acting Unit Manager.

'When you think that I didn't have any experience just a few years ago, it shows just how good Alliance Medical has been and how much time they invest in developing your skills. If you want to learn and develop, you can do here.'

Name: Michelle
Role: Senior Cardiac MR Radiographer

It was the role that attracted me to Alliance Medical. There aren't many scanners dealing with Cardiac MR; this is the only one in the North West. I think the working environment is really nice, too; it doesn't really feel like you're working in a hospital.

Alliance Medical is good at keeping us up-to-date with training. We are able to go on the courses Alliance Medical runs.

Name: Annette
Role: Unit Manager

'I joined Alliance Medical six years ago and those six years have been a really enjoyable experience. I joined as Unit Manager and, back then, this was a brand new Unit. So we've grown together as a team and seen the numbers of patients we look after gradually rise. It's very satisfying watching the Unit grow while, at the same time, people grow and learn with it.'

'I think this is a great company to work for. We set ourselves high standards in terms of customer care. The training is excellent, so nobody ever feels as though they are struggling. You'll find you learn and develop constantly here.'

Name: Angela
Role: Unit Manager

I started working at Alliance Medical in 2004. At first, I was on the mobile units, but I came to this permanent job in August 2009. I was attracted to them as a company because they're quite flexible to your needs.

Another reason I joined Alliance Medical was because I wanted the challenge of PET scanning. They were the only provider at that time! I also think Alliance Medical is quite a prestigious company to work for and the reputation of a company is very important to me. There's a great team to work with here, too.

Name: Ellie
Role: Mobile Unit

'I joined straight from university as a graduate simply because I thought, for a career in MRI, there was no better company than Alliance Medical. They ticked every box for me. There's lots of flexibility and variety and, because I'm part of a Mobile Unit, I visit lots of different hospitals. So that gives me plenty of experience and exposure to different environments, people and challenges. It's the perfect way to enhance your skills and increase your technical knowledge.

'I've found the training very structured and helpful here too. When I joined the company, I was given a Mentor who helped me settle in. I feel as though I've made a great start to my career here.'

Name: James
Role: Mobile Unit

'I chose Alliance Medical because I thought they offered the best, most comprehensive MRI training programme around. I certainly have not been disappointed. The training has been structured, challenging and informative and I've already progressed to become a Senior Radiographer. Being part of the Mobile team, there are always chances to learn from other people because it is so close knit. I've learnt a lot from the team and, throughout my time here, I've had continuous support.

'You only have to look at the way the company is growing to see the career potential here. We're combining leading technology with the highest standards of care – it's a winning formula that is creating opportunities for everyone.'

Name: George
Role: PET Technologist

'My role is focused around Research and I was attracted to Alliance Medical initially because they are involved in many interesting studies. This is a company with very high standards and a real commitment to advancing the profession. They are dedicated to leading the field and this is also reflected in the way that they support, develop and progress their people. When you work here, you realise that Alliance Medical really wants you to make the most of your talent and to fulfil your ambition. So the training is excellent and very tailored to your needs.

'There's also lots of very knowledgeable people here. People are supportive, helpful and always keen to share their ideas. It's a good working environment and there are plenty of opportunities to progress your career.'

Name: David
Role: Unit Manager

I joined Alliance Medical two years ago. I used to work as an Applications Specialist, which involved a lot of travelling. I have a family and it got to the point where I'd had enough of hotel rooms. I find Alliance Medical very flexible.

Alliance Medical gives you lots of autonomy to manage your own unit. I also think we train radiographers well; there's a structured 12-month plan with objectives geared towards helping you scan independently. Even now, I feel like I'm on a continuous learning curve. Our image quality is really good too and we can provide a great service for patients and clinicians.

Name: Victoria
Role: Clinical Assistant

'I didn't know much about Alliance Medical before I joined and initially, I only came here in a temporary role. That was five years ago! Now, I work in a static unit and it suits me perfectly.

'That's one of the main attractions of Alliance Medical, I think. There is a role here to suit everyone. If you want variety, then you might enjoy the Mobile Units. If you need more stability and structured, then we can offer that too. So whichever way you want to develop, Alliance Medical can meet your needs.'

Name: Lisa
Role: Clinical Assistant

I have a secretarial background, but I came to Alliance Medical a couple of years ago because I was looking for something completely different. My job is much more customer focused now; I look after patients and get their consent. I've just started cannulating today, too. I'm the first Clinical Assistant to cannulate patients, which good for me and the rest of the team.

I just love my job and what I do. The team here is excellent; I have some great mentors, who have helped me learn so much in the two years I've been here. I also think we deliver an excellent service to patients. So working here feels really worthwhile.

Name: Lee
Role: Patient Administrator

When I joined Alliance Medical, I was just looking for a temp job. When I got here, I liked it so much that I decided to go permanent. There's a good atmosphere; everyone is really friendly and mix with different departments. The work can sometimes be stressful, but it's a really nice environment to work in.

Alliance Medical looks after their people well. They're honest and straight with you; when I asked them about a permanent job, they told me there were some roles coming up and that I might be in line for one. They were right!

Name: Pauline
Role: Administration

'I've worked here for over ten years now and I still get lots of satisfaction from my job. It is very rewarding seeing patients making progress through their treatment. Reception is very much the face of the company for customers, so that initial contact is really important. I always try to build a rapport with customers and make them feel comfortable here.

'We're only a small team here, so it helps that everyone is supportive. If you want to develop, Alliance Medical will also give you the training you need to build your skills. Even non-medical staff can work towards formal qualifications which can help with your career development.'

Name: Elaine
Role: Administration

'I don't have a medical background, so when I joined Alliance Medical it was all entirely new to me. I can honestly say that I am really enjoying it. The people here are very supportive and I've had outstanding, formal training for every area of my role. Even though my role is administrative, this isn't like being based in an office – so I've even had training in CPR! It's good to have those learning opportunities and reassuring to know that you can be confident in any situation.

'It's always busy here; we're a growing company and that means that there are lots of possibilities for rewards, recognition and progression. If you're ambitious, this is a great place to be. Colleagues are always supportive so you can learn from them every day.'

Name: Helen
Role: Senior Medical Secretary

I've been here since the unit first opened in July 2007. Setting up a new PET centre was really exciting as it was a new opportunity for Alliance Medical and we had lots of press interest and important visitors! Even now, there's a nice and friendly atmosphere in the unit, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping the public here.

There's a good training package at Alliance Medical. They always support you in learning new things. The wages and benefits are also good, and we have great managers! In the future, I'd like to keep learning even more about the sector and about my job.

Name: Wendy
Role: Office Manager

'We're a small unit here and that doesn't stop us being one of the busiest. I've been here 12 years and I love the fact that we're such a close knit team and that we achieve so much. Over the years, Alliance Medical has been through a lot of change. We've grown quickly, introduced new ideas, embraced new technology and won new contracts. So it's an exciting place to be.

'For me, that growth has meant lots of opportunities to train, learn and progress. That's why Alliance Medical really stands out - it is a fantastic place to make the most of your skills and to fulfil your aspirations.'

Name: Angela
Role: Senior Medical Secretary

I've been working here since the unit opened almost three years ago; it's lovely to have been here since the beginning! The thing I like most about working here is the teamwork. It's a lovely working environment and I think that makes a real difference.

I get a lot more satisfaction at Alliance Medical than my previous jobs. They're a lot better at praising you and I think they are good at keeping us informed, too. I also think the training is done very professionally at Alliance Medical. There are regular appraisals and lots of opportunities to learn!

Name: Kim
Role: Medical Secretary

I started working at Alliance Medical in August 2008 when this unit first opened. Being part of a brand new team was really exciting, but getting everything set up on time was quite hard. For the first couple of weeks, things were a bit slow here but it picked up quickly and we're really busy now.

I have much more patient involvement here than in my last role, which is nice. Sometimes patients phone up and tell us their worries about the scan and I like being able to put their minds at ease.

Name: Angela
Role: Sales Invoice Administrator

I've only been working at Alliance Medical for three weeks, but I've settled in quickly and it already feels like I've been here for quite a long time. I haven't met a lot of people yet, but everyone I have met is friendly and helpful. There's such a nice atmosphere!

I enjoy coming to work. The working environment is really nice; we're in a great location. Alliance Medical is a very efficient and organised company, too. They keep on top of things, so any problems get sorted out straightaway.

Name: Judith
Role: HR Administrator

I really enjoy working at Alliance Medical. I've been here for five years and I want to stay here until I retire. They'll have to chuck me out first! It's just a nice place to work; every day is different in the HR Department. The people are really friendly, too.

Alliance Medical looks after us; they're flexible and there's a good pension scheme, benefits and generous holidays. If you want to learn something, they'll send you on a training course if they can. I've done quite a lot of courses that have helped my job.

Name: Katie
Role: Clinical Governance Support Assistant

I've been working at Alliance Medical for three years. One of the things I like most about it is the people - there's a really good team spirit. The training is fantastic, too. There's a lot available and they're always willing to offer it to anyone who wants it.

Alliance Medical is a good company that's into helping people. There are a lot of job opportunities that come up, and they offer many of them to those who already work here. I'm happy where I am at the moment, but I'd like to go higher in the company in the future.

Name: Sally
Role: Finance

I came to Alliance Medical a few months ago from a similar role. Working here feels much more worthwhile though – I enjoy talking to people and dealing with their problems. I really like the variety in my job too, but I'm still learning all the ins and outs of it.

Working at Alliance Medical is quite unusual because everyone is really close, even though it's a big company. In previous jobs, I didn't even know everyone in my department. I know most people here already and there's a great team atmosphere.

Name: Jane
Role: Patient Administrator

I actually used to work as a Psychologist but when I had children I decided to move back home. About six years ago, I saw Alliance Medical were advertising for Sales Secretaries. I decided to apply because it was a patient-orientated role, just like I was used to.

I find Alliance Medical really understanding and flexible, which is good when you have three young kids! And even though I work part-time, I still feel like a valued member of the team. There are always opportunities to train, too. When I first started working here, I had non-existent computer skills but Alliance Medical gave me all the training I needed.

Name: Ben
Role: IT

I support all the clinical systems, anything from bespoke image reporting to Radiology Information Systems. I find the medical sector quite interesting to work in.

I've been working at Alliance Medical for nearly two years now. I enjoy being part of the IT Department; there's a good team and we all work well together. We're given a lot of exposure to different areas of the business too, so I feel like I'm always learning here. I also think there's a good working environment.

‘I joined Alliance Medical six years ago as Unit Manager. It’s really satisfying watching the Unit grow while people grow and learn with it.’

Unit Manager

‘I don’t have a medical background, so Alliance Medical it was all entirely new to me. I’ve had outstanding training and people are very supportive.’


‘I joined straight from university because, for a career in MRI, there’s no better company than Alliance Medical. They tick every box for me.’

Mobile Unit

‘I’ve worked here for over ten years and I still get lots of job satisfaction. It is very rewarding seeing patients making progress through their treatment.’


‘There’s a role here to suit everyone. If you want variety, then you’ll enjoy the Mobile Units. If you need more stability, we can offer that too.’

Clinical Assistant

‘We’ve grown quickly, introduced new ideas, embraced new technology and won new contracts. So Alliance Medical really is an exciting place to be.’

Office Manager

‘When you work here, you realise that Alliance Medical really wants you to make the most of your talent and to fulfil your ambition.’

PET Technologist

‘Being part of the Mobile team, you learn from others because it is so close knit. I’ve learnt a lot and had continuous support.’

Mobile Unit

‘I didn’t have any experience a few years ago. It shows how much time they invest in developing your skills. If you want to learn, you can do here.’

Acting Unit Manager

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