Our Teams

It's what's inside that counts


We boast a large of fleet of MRI CT and PET-CT mobiles and relocatable solutions that service contracts nationwide We offer a bespoke service to both NHS and private sector hospitals, with vehicles, scanning equipment, staff and services ready to meet short or long term needs. We form collaborative partnerships with our customers and pride ourselves in delivery of a quality service. Our Mobiles service is staffed by our team of North and South Radiographers up and down the country.


We have numerous cutting edge static MRI/CT and PET-CT sites located across the UK.  With clear and growing demand for diagnostic services, it is not always possible for a hospital to justify the purchase of imaging equipment. For a new or extended service, capital costs can be prohibitive and hospitals must also commit to the future costs of upgrades and replacements. Operationally, the hospital also has to find both the budget and the experienced staff needed to set up, manage and maintain a new department and service.


Alliance Medical delivers a comprehensive solution to these problems.  We fund all the immediate and future purchase costs and manage and staff the new department. We will create an imaging department that becomes an integral part of a hospital and our staff form strong partnerships with the NHS trust. We also have a number of private centres across the UK delivering imaging in a bespoke clinic setting such as London’s prestigious Harley Street.


Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy manufacture and distribute PET radiopharmaceuticals to imaging centres in all regions of the UK.

We have a network of four radiopharmaceutical production facilities strategically situated around the country with a fifth site due to open in 2020.


Radiopharmaceuticals are a vital component in the delivery of integrated care pathways. We work with NHS England to offer PET/CT procedures to thousands of cancer patients as well as in many other medical specialities.



PET-CT uses positron emitting radioisotopes and specialist medical scanners to diagnose disease processes that may not be easily assessed by other methods.  The scanning method relies on a team effort including radiopharmacy facilities, a dedicated transport network, radiation protection expertise and radiographers or technologists with unique training to perform the scans while caring for patients at a difficult time in their lives.  This technique is still relatively rare in the UK and Alliance Medical has been able to widen access to scanning facilities to the point it is now a routine part of the diagnostic pathway and develop the service to include a range of investigations. Our National PET-CT services are deliver in both Static and Mobiles facilities at various locations across the UK. Alliance Medical also has a working relationship with the School of Oncology at the Christie in Manchester which enables our teams to have access to fantastic training and educational support and development.

      Central Support Office

Here at our central support office(CSO) in Warwick we have a team of dedicated support services who are instrumental in helping our local teams deliver a quality service for our patients and customers as well as housing support services for our employees. These services include; HR, Logistics, Finance, Legal, Patients Support function, Quality and Risk, Clinical Systems, Procurement and IT.